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TRANSFORMATION – the summer, the night

Vivaldi Concetos

Musica Alta RipaMevan Younes – BuzuqHogir Görgen – PercussionDanya Segal – Idea/ Production

The European ensemble  Musica Alta Ripa and the Arabian musicians , buzuq- player Mevan Younes and the percussionist Hogir Göregen  perform works from Vivaldi (1678-1741) in the production  TRANSFORMATION , bringing together the sounds of the Orient and Occident .

The selection of music underscores the theme choice of the production.  Antonio Vivaldi ‘s vita shows impressively that the composer was always open to new compositional development. Vivaldi himself underwent his own metamorphoses; from being a priest to a teacher and to composer of operas. He traveled through Europe and died unnoticed in Vienna – far away from his homeland. Antonio Vivaldi is one of the most famous composers in the world, no stranger, a virtuoso of his time, who himself taught and played all the baroque instruments used in his solo concertos performed in TRANFORMATION.

With several solo concertos, chamber music pieces and a commissioned composition, (explicitly composed for a baroque ensemble and Arabic instruments) baroque and Arabian sounds come together. Some of the pieces to be performed include: L’estate from Vivaldi’s Four Seasons; La Notte; cello concerto in c minor and La Folia.

Mevan Younes will play the summer from Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, one of the most famous pieces, never before been heard on a buzuq , as well as his own compositions and the basso continuo accompanying some of the concertos. The percussionist Hogir Göregen will perform a solo piece as well as giving the Arabian music wild beats and adding new colors to Vivaldi … The evening promises great fun for the musicians and an extraordinary listening experience for the audience.



26. July 2018   19.30 Uhr         Kloster Mariensee27.July  2018 19.30   Uhr         Klosterkirche in Vechta28.July 2018. 19.30 Uhr            Christuskirche in Hannover29.July 2018  19.30 Uhr            Trinitatiskirche Berlin

and:26. August 2018  19 .Uhr             Schloss Oelber

Tickets (available from March):

25€,  20€