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The artistic director and recorder player Danya Segal is a founding member of the renowned ensemble Musica Alta Ripa.. This is the basis for her love of early music and her wish to reach out to new audiences. World tours, concerts, and many award winning CD releases document the ensembles exceptional artistic level.

Danya Segal has been mixing up the music scene with her innovative projects since 2010. Repeatedly she builds bridges between old music and the world of the 21st century. She makes use of different cultures, art forms and trends to bring baroque music to new and wider audiences of today. These projects include productions such as: BACH AND THE CHINESE DRAGRON -with a group of Chinese dancers; HANDEL IN THE UNDERWORLD – performed in various underground garages; BACH IN LGHT- in cooperation with the light artist Yvonne Goulbier and THE JESTER- a program of English music featuring a modern dancing clown. LOST was staged in a women’s prison and a refugee hostel while her impressive Handel Trilogy JEALOUSY, LOVE & WAR and ETERNITY were  all  performed in unusual and relevant  locations.

With GEORGE in 2014, her first Production with music of the 21st Century, she worked with the renowned composer Elena Kats-Chernin and librettist / director Axel Ranisch to create an Opera, which premiered in Hannover to celebrate the anniversary of the “Personal Union”.

In 2016 she was commissioned to create a program for the 300th anniversary of the death of G.W. Leibniz. CONTINUUM merged baroque and electronic music, an interdisciplinary project with rapper Samy Deluxe and counter tenor Valer Sabadus.
In 2017, Danya Segal staged an intercultural concert, MOTHER- Baroque Arias and Arabic Lullabies, featuring the singers Nuria Rial, Dima Orsho with outstanding musicians from Europe and Arabia